Volunteer Opportunities

Discussion facilitator

Ministry area


Gifts / interests

Care, Discipleship, English language, Hosting, Leadership, Talking, Teaching

Time investment

3 hours / week for the meeting + prayer on your own. Spending time with our international friends outside of the meeting time is optional.

Purpose statement

You serve a key position as a small group discussion facilitator for internationals during our weekly, in-home, dinner & discussions.

General responsibilities

  • Facilitating discussion more than teaching
  • Come weekly to serve as a discussion facilitator
  • Pray in advance for those you will be serving
  • Use the discussion guide provided (feel free to fine tune it as the Spirit leads)
  • Try to give everyone an opportunity to talk, without forcing them
  • Try to facilitate the discussion so that you get through the main topics during the time allotted.
  • Be open to friendship

Ministry team


We will provide equipping, but it helps if you have some experience in this area.

Want more info? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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