Volunteer Opportunities

ESL Ministry Servant-Leadership Team

Ministry area


Gifts / interests

Administration, Augusta University, Care, Discipleship, English language, Leadership, Planning, Prayer, Strategy, Teaching, Tutoring

Time investment

Depends on your availability. From 3-6 hours / week to 3-6 hours / month.

Purpose statement

Come help us lead this popular ministry. In full disclosure: it won't bring you fame & fortune (well, not in this life...).

General responsibilities

  • Provide overall leadership to ESL Ministry, including
    • thinking for the spiritual leadership of the ESL team
    • depend actively on the Lord through nurturing a DNA of prayer in the ESL ministry
  • Lead & support the morning & evening school leaders
    • Facilities & policy coordination with property hosts & Link Director for physical location of classes.
    • Ensure they are resourced (e.g. key positions filled, resources available, etc.)
  • Lead & support teachers
    • In partnership with Volunteer Mobilizer, recruit & equip Teachers and other ESL Ministry positions
    • In coordination with ESL Lead Teacher / Pedagogist, arrange for teacher training. This can mean using PCA Mission to North America’s or bringing someone in or using our lead teacher if they are certified and willing.
    • Provide resources / support (could be delegated to the school leaders)
    • Notify of upcoming group events for teachers and/or students
    • Notify of useful resources for teachers and/or students
    • Receive curriculum suggestion from lead teacher and have admin team order it
    • Thank teachers or delegate thanking of teachers [Director? Link Volunteer Coordinator?]
  • Planning
    • Plan teacher training sessions
    • Plan start of new year and resumption of classes
    • Ensure ESL-wide or Link-wide events are publicized to students (though you don’t have to be the one doing it)
  • Optional
    • Maintain ongoing contact with select students (maintaining contact with all students is too much)
    • Complement the Link Director’s partner development efforts (e.g. potential sources of volunteers or class space such as churches, secular organizations who could send us students, or collaborators in ministry such as other ESL programs)

Ministry team


You should have experience as an ESL Teacher. It is not necessary to be ESL certified.

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