Volunteer Opportunities

ESL School Assistant Host (Thursday am or pm)

Ministry area


Gifts / interests

Administration, Care, Cooking, Discipleship, English language, Family/Children, Hosting, Leadership, Planning, Prayer, Social, Talking, Using Hands

Time investment

3-4 hours / week

Purpose statement

You don't have to have a beautiful home, you don't have to love to cook. As long as you want to help someone else experience the welcoming love of God, you can show hospitality. And we can do this even during COVID-19! There are so many creative ways to welcome, connect, and meet needs.

General responsibilities

Assisting the Morning or Evening ESL School Host in welcoming and caring for the internationals there to learn English. You can see that role description for more details.

Ministry team


Watching the ESL School Host and support them will help you become familiar with ESL School hosting

Want more info? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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