Volunteer Opportunities

ESL School Host (Thursday am or pm)

Ministry area


Gifts / interests

Administration, Care, Cooking, Discipleship, English language, Family/Children, Hosting, Leadership, Planning, Social, Talking, Technology, Using Hands

Time investment

3-4 hours / week

Purpose statement

Like hosting in a home, help our English students feel welcome and get to their class. Free up the School Leader to visit teachers & internationals in classes.

General responsibilities

  • Be present at welcome desk to greet students and answer questions
  • Setup ahead of time to provide a welcoming environment for the internationals who have come to learn English
  • Help new & returning students get integrated into their classes by connecting them with anĀ Assessor, helping them buy a book, and directing them to their class
  • Manage snacks & drinks for breaktime
  • Manage resources table (free books, etc.)

Checklists are available in ESL Team Book and upon request for helpful steps to take before, during, and after class.

Ministry team


If you'd like, an existing leader can do this with you at first, until you feel comfortable in the role.

Want more info? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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