Join us


Thank you for considering serving alongside us; it is truly a fulfilling call. We take seriously the unique way that you are made and the investment of your time to explore serving with us.

Exploring a good “fit”

We believe that our wise God who is Lord of the harvest is also the giver of gifts to His people. We love to look for those areas of “fit” where your gifts, interests, and experience overlap with the needs and opportunities to welcome well.

The process of finding that fit can be approached from either side (You or the needs) or both at the same time. To help us in this process, please see the two forms below.

If you are just exploring or are pretty sure you want to have a role without much direct contact with our international friends, you can just fill out the first one called “About you.”

In many cases, the form called “Testimony and Church Involvement” will also be needed.

We will think and pray over a fit for you, for God’s greater glory, our greater joy, and the eternal benefit of the internationals among us.