Volunteer Opportunities

ESL Teacher / Co-Teacher

Ministry area


Gifts / interests

Care, Discipleship, English language, Planning, Talking, Teaching, Tutoring

Time investment

3-6 hours / week

Purpose statement

Teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to adult Internationals from all over the world so they can function more fully in the United States and ultimately experience the hope of eternal life. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience. As long as you can speak English and love internationals, we will train you, get you a co-teacher, and set you two up for success. with a small group of students who are on a specific level (from Beginner to Advanced). Curriculum provided.

General responsibilities

  • Relational / spiritual
    • Set aside dedicated, specific, regular time to pray with your Co-Teacher and with your Assistant Teacher (if you have one) for the students
    • Care for students
      • Keep attendance and contact those who are absent
      • Optional: Visit students outside of class by attending Link socials with them, taking them to a community event, inviting them to your family events or holidays, alert ESL leaders if one of your students has a major life event or a need (spiritual or physical) so we can serve them better
  • English teaching
    • Undergo ESL training
      • Certification (12 hour in person or virtual), unless you’re already certified in which case you only need the Link-specific training
      • Link-specific training to learn why & how we operate (3 hour)
    • Serve along side another teacher in your class (we try to have two teachers for each class)
    • Prayerfully prepare outside of class to teach in accordance with best practices from training
  • Link team member
    • Update student info in database if missing or wrong (e.g. birthdays, countries of origin)
    • Join team meetings (they are infrequent)
  • Optional: have an Assistant Teacher.
    • If we do not have enough teachers for there to be two teachers for each class, you may have the option to have an Assistant Teacher
    • Or even if we do have enough teachers for you to have a co-teacher, you can also opt to have an Assistant Teacher for the benefit of you and the students and for the development of the Assistant Teacher.

Ministry team


You will need to be a native English speaker but be sensitive to different cultures. Basic ESL Teacher training (12 hours, over one weekend) will set you up for success. This is done in person or virtually. We also may have a 3 hour introduction course, depending on the time of year. You can check our event calendar to see upcoming training dates. You can also observe existing teachers (as an Assistant Teacher or Observer) to see how they do it. We can't train you in being flexible, humble and having a good sense of humor, but they help!

Want more info? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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