Volunteer Opportunities

ESL Pedagogist

Ministry area


Gifts / interests

Administration, Discipleship, English language, Leadership, Teaching, Tutoring

Time investment

0-3 hours / week

Purpose statement

This technical expert must have formal ESL training. They work with the ESL Program Lead to help us ever work toward a quality level of English instruction. We are not primarily a secular English school, however, we do want to provide excellent value to our students.

General responsibilities

  • Ensure teachers have adequate training for our ESL teachers (this can be outsourced to PCA MNA if necessary or you could teach it). Our normal procedure for this is a weekend course over 12-14 hours.
  • Assess / choose curriculum & get approval of ESL Ministry Leader (e.g. if we are going to change). Consider both print & electronic availability, including overseas.
  • Get student feedback on value they receive from English instruction (could be in person or with an in-frequent survey).
  • Observe & encourage existing teachers in their English pedagogy (key word is encourage).
  • Substitute co-teaching to model different ways of teaching.
  • Optional: suggest resources that Teachers can provide for their students, for
    • English learning (interactive and free apps, Grammarly, etc.)
    • Local & US cultural learning (e.g. Master’s, spring allergies, summer travel, etc.)

Ministry team


This role requires a formal ESL certification (e.g. ESL, TESOL, TEFL, etc.).

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